Soheil Bechara


You may be the person that others want to see, or you may be the person you really are


Soheil Bechara

There are only two things I value most in life: my family and my job; and I believe in avoiding any mistake that may affect that.

Growing up, I have always felt blessed being part of a beautiful family whose values of love, trust, appreciation and support throughout my education have made me the person I am today, as a man, a doctor, and a husband. They have taught me that true happiness comes from being surrounded by loved ones, a key element that materialistic things can never buy.

So, who says you cannot have it all? It’s all about ambition, priorities, and time management.


Treatment philosophy

Few surgical interventions / Short treatment / Better aesthetical result

Doctor in odontology / Oral surgeon
Licenses: OPL-02800 / OPL-02408

Most people think dentistry is treating decayed teeth, however, our aim as Dentists/Oral Surgeons is improving peoples’ smiles. Through advanced dentistry, all problems have a solution; all it takes is studying the case, planning and performing the operation. It might be a hard decision for some people to take, going through dental treatment, yet our role as dentists is providing our patients another reason to smile with great confidence.


International activities

Everybody has to work, but teaching is something else. It requires the passion and the ability to influence the audience.

I started lecturing during my residency in oral surgery. Yet the experience I gained during the five years at the Lithuanian University of Health Sciences, was the most valuable for me as a speaker. Today, when preparing my lectures for local or international conferences, I have only one objective – to inspire others and share my knowledges and experiences.