Few surgical interventions / Short treatment / Better aesthetical result

Doctor in odontology / Oral surgeon
Licenses: OPL-02800 / OPL-02408

Most people think dentistry is treating decayed teeth, however, our aim as Dentists/Oral Surgeons is improving peoples’ smiles. Through advanced dentistry, all problems have a solution; all it takes is studying the case, planning and performing the operation. It might be a hard decision for some people to take, going through dental treatment, yet our role as dentists is providing our patients another reason to smile with great confidence.

The advantages of immediate loading – aesthetical result in one week

During the first visit, the case is to be discussed, planned and organized. We make sure to explain to our patients the procedure of the treatment process in detail. Whether tooth extraction, sinus lifting, bone augmentations and immediate implant placement can or should take place all at once, under intravenous sedation. Every step is well explained in advance, making sure that our patients don’t feel any discomfort and are completely relaxed.

During the 2nd visit, in 5-7 days, we remove the sutures and deliver a temporary tooth produced for each patient individually. This way our patient can still live normally during their healing period. Temporary teeth are produced in the laboratory of the MIR Dental Clinic, using the latest digital technologies.

In 2-3 months, as the implants are integrated, we replace the provisional crowns by permanent ones, ensuring a natural result.


The high quality of a dental implant will serve your entire life. Only the dental crowns (the visible part of the tooth) may need check-up and modification throughout the years, and can be replaced easily any time needed.

Recommendations & awareness

It is not recommended to place dental Implants for people below the age of 18, as the jawbone might not have been fully formed yet, and changes may still happen, such as non–aesthetic gaps among the teeth.

In case the patient is suffering from acute illnesses, it is highly recommended to inform your doctor. Further to laying closer observation to the case at hand, the doctor then decides whether the implant is to be treated now or at a later stage.

Note: In case of weak immune system, the possibility of rejection of the implant increases.