Every doctor starts his career treating simple cases, and as time goes by, he/she becomes more experienced. Eventually, everyday cases become a routine, a comfort zone where finding solutions happen all by itself. At this stage, motivation happens and mastering new techniques becomes another leading way to fast and advanced dentistry. Staying in the comfort zone provide a sense of security, whereas moving forward provides opportunities where magic happens.

Personally, improvement is an important factor in my life. The more knowledge I gain the more I could offer to others. For this matter, i have decided to establish a small educational institution “DBI Dr. Bechara Institute” where doctors could share and discuss their daily cases with their colleagues. It is a place to help doctors become more skillful and seek achievements.

Today, DBI is the 4th facility for dental practice and training in Lithuania. It has been approved by the Chamber of Dentists in the Republic of Lithuania, to hold intensive courses and raise professional qualifications in dental implantology. Every year DBI’s team prepares many theoretical courses followed by hands-on workshops. The courses provide innovative methods and solutions to complex treatments.